Saturday, July 29, 2006

Day 3 and 4

Day 3 was my first day of the Meet that I was unable to attend. I had work committments. Yeah, I know, work. Once in a while even during Track season we must work. It was hot and humid again on Day 3 and rained at times making the second half of the day sloppy conditions. Magnificent Song won for Todd Pletcher, giving me 3 straight feature stakes races wins. As I said before, go with the hot trainer at the Spa.

Day 4, Saturday, was once again Hot and Humid with early showers leading too sloppy conditions on the Track. I hit with in the sixth for a nice payoff on a $ 2 bet. Then tried the pick 4 on races 7-10, hitting on the first 3 only to see my 10th race pick, Mheara Maskey, lose in a photo finish. So close yet so far. Ended up $9.20 in the hole for the day and $48.2o in the hole overall for the meet. My goal for the Meet is too break even all while having fun, watching the horses and the beautiful people at the Spa.

Hard to believe only 32 racing days left.

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