Sunday, May 04, 2008

Derby Day Aftermath-Triumph and Tragedy

A review of the news and blogs shows more attention to Eight Belles than Big Brown. This is understandable. When a horse dies just after the Kentucky Derby , this is a major story. I just wish the people giving an opinion would know something about racing. I really disagree with William Rhoden's article in the NY Times (May 4th, 2008) portraying horse racing as a brutal sport.

I also believe Eight Belles could have just as easily broke her ankles running in the Oaks with fellow fillies. She was a competitor and would have been running just as hard the day before.

Fillies routinely run against the boys in Europe and years ago horse ran much more than they do now. Lets focus on track surfaces, training schedules, medications, illegal doping, etc and eliminate the nonsense about this sport being brutal.

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