Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Curlin and Big Brown back and forth

The Soap Opera continues.

Curlin owner Jess Jackson challenges Big Brown to run in the Woodward at the Spa on August 30th, promising he would donate $50,000 from the Jackson Curlin for Kids Fund to the non-profit Belmont Child Care Association if Big Brown came to the race.

Of course, to the surprise of no one, Michael Ivarone of IEAH says no with a comment that the offer was "sad"

After snubbing NYRA's summer meet including the Travers and Woodward, Ivarone now waits for NYRA to bend over and set up a mid September turf race for his horse.


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Luvbarbaro said...

If I remember correctly, it was Rick Dutrow going on & on & on to challenge Curlin to a race. Just last weekend, the ESPN guys, Jo in particular- compared Rick's Challenge to a pay per view wrestling match. I think Jess Jackson & Steve did the proper thing by ACCEPTING the challenge. Rick, unlike Steve does not know when to stop talking!! Steve is respectful and even a bit shy. If they are to ever race, GO CURLIN!!! However, Big Brown can't help it that his trainer has a mouth on him!!