Monday, December 15, 2008

Costas Now Year in Review Special

HBO Sports Show COSTAS NOW will have a live 90 minute broadcast on December 17 using a town hall setting. Hosted by Bob Costas, COSTAS NOW will focus on some of the biggest sports stories to emerge in 2008. Each segment will include a video segment, followed by a live panel discussion hosted by Bob Costas.

Any bets on if any Thoroughbred Stories will make the cut? Will The Big Brown triple crown chase get a mention, or perhaps the Eight Belles Tragedy? Or maybe these stories are no longer in the public memory bank, crowded out by other sports stories in the public eye this year such as Swimmer Michael Phelps, and the Giants dramatic Super Bowl Victory? The special will air on HBO from 9-10:30 pm Eastern time on Wednesday December 17th.

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