Monday, February 22, 2010

Mainstream Media On The Apple Blossom

A caller into the popular Mike Francesca sports talk show on WFAN in New York (and simulcast on the YES TV network) today asked Mike for his thoughts on the Zenyatta-Rachel Alexandra showdown scheduled for the Apple Blossom on April 9th.

Mike usually focuses on football, baseball and basketball, with a heavy emphasis on the Yankees, Mets, Jets and Giants, but he considers himself an self anointed expert on just about everything relating to sports (except for Hockey and Tennis) and being a horse owner himself was ready with his opinion:

“As far as that, I think you it just shows you how badly organized racing is. Here is a man (Oaklawn President Charles J. Cella) that wants to put up 5 million bucks for the race-for Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra, fine, he is not gonna get his money back, so God Bless Him. He’s having it on a Friday afternoon, Now your not gonna pack a racetrack on a Friday afternoon in April.You’re not gonna do it.

#2 It’s in Arkansas

#3 Now,no one has picked it up for television yet, there is no TV right now of this, now someone is gonna televise it, but who is gonna televise it to give it some exposure? How could you not have it Saturday or Sunday, what good is it having it Friday afternoon, when everyone is working? Who is gonna see the race on Friday Afternoon?

They should race Friday in Churchill Downs, the day before the Kentucky Derby, on the card, that would be one of the biggest races of all time, it would pack them in. Now I understand they draw 75,000 that day anyway, they’ll draw 150,000 though, that day.”

I agree with Mike that the race should be on Saturday or Sunday, but Francesca is a little off with his facts and figures.

The racetrack actually will be packed for this race, on a Friday afternoon in April, as reserved seats are sold out with only day of race infield seating available. (The attendance record at Oaklawn of 72,484 for the 2006 Arkansas Derby could be surpassed)

The Friday before the Kentucky Derby-“Kentucky Oaks” Day draws alot more than Mikes' claim of 75,000. The attendance last year was over 104,000. Seems like that weekend is jammed pack anyway, what with the Oaks and the Derby on Saturday. Why not have the race on another Saturday in April or May, televise it, cross your fingers that Rachel and Zenyatta finish 1-2 and than you have a re-match to market.


Teresa said...

Francesa never lets the facts get in the way of his bloviation.

alan said...

He's still bitter because he was wrong about the Jets (though he'll never admit it).

The_Knight_Sky said...

I'm just happy horse racing got some air time.

Have you tried the veal parmagiana Mike? :-)

SaratogaSpa said...

Alan-Francesca admit a mistake? Has it snowed in hell yet?