Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zenyatta on 60 Minutes = Web search buzz

If you are reading this blog, you most likely found your way to a TV set or computer Sunday evening to watch the 60 Minutes piece on Zenyatta.

It was purely a puff piece, nothing to be learned if you are already a fan of the great Mare. But the exposure of being on 60 Minutes cannot be discounted. Even in this age of a fractured television audience 60 minutes is a ratings juggernaut. More people watched her last night on CBS than did last year in the Breeders' Cup Classic.

A search on Google Trends at 9:00 pm Eastern time on Sunday, about an hour after the piece ran on Zenyatta, showed that she had zoomed all the way up to #14 on the Google "Hot Search" Chart for searches in the USA. The search "Breeders Cup 2010" zoomed all the way to #5, indicating the casual fan was intrigued enough by the Zenyatta piece to do a little research on this Breeders' Cup gig. The only sports themed search higher, at #3, was the search for "Brett Favre Injury". Below is the Google Trends search volume index graph for Sunday on Zenyatta:


Brock Sheridan said...

Very cool information. With the Trick or Treaters last night, I missed the trend info, but caught the feature on TIVO later. Loved it.

Good post!

ljk said...

Fluff yes, but VERY positive. Reporter called her magnificent and "the most splendid creature" they'd ever seen. Hopefully that's enough to attract a new fan or two to Saturday's broadcast.

Even the curmudgeon was kind to racing! I was amused that Rooney said that he, foaled in 1919, "saw" Man O War, foaled in 1917, race. Saw maybe, remembers - no way.

SaratogaSpa said...

Brock-thanks for checking in

LJK- You are correct, the publicity was positive and the buzz generated by this piece will bring along new viewers on Saturday.

I found it interesting that Rooney managed to see so many of the great ones during his "one visit a year" to Saratoga.