Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blasphemy-How dare we slam the Shake Shack

Veteran racing scribe Michael Veitch of the Saratogian wrote an article on the upcoming capital improvements expected at Saratoga, courtesy of VLT money from the to be built racino at Aqueduct, with emphasis on a local advisory committee formed to discuss the proposed changes.

Veitch discusses how the Saratoga Race Course is now a part of the fabric of the city, linked to the local architecture and culture. In the article he than says this:

"Shake Shack, the new dining area thrown together quickly before the 2010 meeting, upset many Saratogians on this count."

Veitch does not expand on this statement, nor does he include any quotes from the "upset Saratogians".

Gasp! How dare the esteemed Veitch slam the almighty Shake Shack. Has he not ever tasted the high caloric burger fans happily line up for at the Shack? Has his lips never touched a sumptuous Black and White Shake?

Yes the building might seem a tiny bit too big and modern looking at first glance, but after the first weekend it blended in nicely, like it had been there all along, like a familiar friend at the Spa. And let us not forget it replaced a tacky looking Paddock Tent, not what I would consider exactly high end architecture.

And with the Blue Smoke and Paddock Bar mere steps away, I dare say this was the best Trifecta bet placed at the track all year


Terry said...

I tried Shake Shack last summer and was underwhelmed. Paid close to $15 for a burger, fries and soda - food was good enough but very ordinary.
I came away feeling like I had just been tourist trapped.

The_Knight_Sky said...

At Luigi's (1/2 mile from Monmouth's Parking lot)....

For $15 bucks you can get an extra large Italian hero, steak cut fries and a large Dr. Pepper for two. Then top it all off with ice cream for dessert next door.

Travolta and Olivia deserves a better Shack.

SaratogaSpa said...

Terry-I also recommend Hattie's Fried Chicken Sandwich over at the Hattie's stand by the Clubhouse-try that next time.

TKS-can't go wrong with Luigi's, my Jersey Boys know it well!

ljk said...

Sorry, but the Shake Shack building is ugly. I do love the Paddock Bar. Remember Vietch's point though. I read somewhere last summer that Charlie wants to build permanent luxury suites where the temporary ones are now. No telling how ugly that could be.

Best dinner deal in August at Saratoga: Get a Hattie's 3 piece fried chicken on your way out of the track. I also whip up a batch of the pickled cucumber salad before I leave for the races (it's very easy). Then have a nice bottle of wine on the patio.

Zenyatta John said...

Having not missed more than 2 days at any of the last 25 Saratoga meets, I am a veteran on track grounds.

I screamed in my blog about the contract with 'The Shake Shack' and it owner.

Then I saw what they accomplished, and approve highly of the building the erected. I also ate the burgers and fries as fast as humanly possible.

So after my initial negative response, I like and approve of "The Shake Shack" and Paddock Bar that they constructed. It will only enhance and encourage the NYRA to construct some nicer permanent structures for the 'locals' - a new Restaurant Row.

Plus - Mike Vietch is a blowhard. He has outlasted the relevance of his own opinions.