Sunday, April 17, 2011

Calling the Race Caller

Man was that a particularly bad race call by Terry Wallace calling the Arkansas Derby. I realize a 13 horse field makes it difficult but this was a big race and he blew it.

If you just turned on the TV set the last minute and didn't know it was a big race, you almost would think it was a lesser race being called by a celebrity showing his hand at race calling.

Wallace lost control of the race early on when at the first turn he literally stopped calling the race for 5 seconds when he had trouble coming up with who was leading the pack.

He also never called the entire field. In fact if you were rooting for Elite Alex or Caleb's Posse, and wanted to know where they were in the race, you were out of luck.

Wallace never mentioned Elite Alex or Caleb's Posse at all the entire race.

He did spot winner Archarcharch coming strong on the outside in the final stretch, but otherwise the race call was a disaster. 5th place finisher Alternation got his name called for the 1st time after he finished, after first being called Altercation by Wallace.

I guess I am spoiled with the great race callers calling my local tracks up in New York with Tom Durkin, Larry Collmus calling Monmouth and even Tony Calo at Finger Lakes.


Stephanie H said...

I agree! That call was disgraceful. I thought at times he was dead at the mike. There were huge gaps in the call and he hardly mentioned three quarters of the horses.

Time for Big Frank to take over.

dana said...

The next time I hear someone call for Durkin's retirement I will direct them to the 2011 Arkansas Derby... and the 2011 Rebel!

Tony Bada Bing said...

No excuse, bad call....but I don't like the same color saddlecloths for big races. What's the point of that anyway? I do have the feeling that if traditional saddlecloths were in play, the race call may have been better.

Scott said...

The call was so bad that I felt bad for Terry. I listen to him often, and the silence surprised me so much I thought he was having microphone issues.

I don't want to say anything bad about him, I just think that is one that he wishes he could have back.

The_Knight_Sky said...

hmm. Not coincidently there is a bloggers poll out this week. Vote!

re: uni-colored saddlecloths. Keeneland continues on with that non-sense also.

John B. said...

I think he called that race from ground level! A few minutes before the race they showed Terry Wallace on the infield. If so shame on Oaklawn for having him down there before the meets biggest race! Wallace call an 11 horse field in 2004. Two horses don't make much of a difference.