Monday, November 14, 2011

Attendance Figures No More

With the opening of the Resorts World Casino at the Aqueduct Racetrack, another long standing tradition seems to have gone out the window.

Attendance figures are no longer tallied. You can't find the published attendance in your daily newspaper or on the Equibase Company LLC Charts.

Still staunchly old school, I look forward to my morning cup of coffee with a newspaper in hand before I even consider checking any website or twitter news feed. The sports section of the paper gets read first, including a look at the previous days track results.

But with the opening of the Resorts World Casino (or lets call it what it is-a glorified slots hall) and people (zombies?) wandering in from the slots hall there is no more accounting of actual track goers and hence no attendance figure published. You can still get an idea on who was there by looking at the On Track handle figure and backing into a number but where is the fun in that? I particularly liked checking attendance on the brutal winter days at the Big A marveling at the hearty souls who would show up to bet the ponies in person.

And going way back I remember when my local candy store in the Bronx used the last 3 digits of the attendance of the NYRA tracks for the "daily number". Most NYC "numbers" outfits would use the daily on track handle figure but the folks running this candy store numbers racket went with the attendance figure. As the mob still extends credit, unlike the NYS Lottery system, the numbers still have their loyal players- but it will have to be with the handle and not the attendance figure.


The_Knight_Sky said...

I'm sure the NYRA had but no choice to go this route.

If you've seen the pics of the racino, you can have slots patrons watch the races from the outside balcony. Not sure if they've got SAM machines nearby, but still they're technically "race-goers".

But how does one get a valid count of who is there on the premises for what reason?

Teresa said...

The entrance turnstiles are also removed, and admission is free, so there's no way at this point to count who's going in.

SaratogaSpa said...

@the Knight Sky: I believe you are correct in stating no betting terminals are along the outside balcony. Maybe they will be added in the future?

@Teresa-ever since admission went free they at least had the turnstiles to record admission, but without the turnstiles, I guess it really is no more

thanks all for reading

Anonymous said...

OOO was looking real hot.