Friday, May 17, 2013

NBC enters the gate for the Preakness

Orb is not the only winner in the Triple Crown Chase this year as NBC Sports had nice ratings for the Kentucky Derby.

Since than I have seen plenty of commercials on both the NBC and NBC Sports Network plugging the Preakness Stakes. NBC is also live streaming  the Preakness day on all media platforms (mobile, tablets, etc) on  their website.

It will be interesting to see if the Michele Beadle Bashing continues across Twitter. We all have complaints with different Sports commentators, play by play guys, commentators and the like but this particular woman appears to annoy some more than would seem appropriate. I first saw the term Beadle Bashing over at Pull the Pocket's blog and I like his take on the matter.

On Derby Day I was at a house party where you couldn't hear the TV Volume anyway so I can't comment on Beadles work. From the media critics columns I read, she did fine in the job she was employed too do. Where I come from, getting hired to do a job and than doing that job as assigned is a good thing.

Do you really want Beadle to start giving you exotic betting tips. It was not like Beadle was the solo host. If you wanted analysis listen to Randy Moss, Jerry Bailey, and others. If you want straight analysis, can't you just tune over to TVG, HRTV, your local OTB cablecast channel, or even just watch the live stream of your betting account or your Horse people full Twitter feed where analysis is 24/7 (and than some)? I don't see where hiring Beadle led to the letting go of any hard core racing analyst on the telecast (it didn't).

 Rather than lie down and take it, Beadle on her Twitter account gave it right back, probably much to the delight of her both her 750,000 plus followers and NBC executives.

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