Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Saratoga Silliness

We all know about the near Perfection of Saratoga.....the splendor, the history, the horses.

For a great look at all that, check out the PBS documentary on Saratoga Race Course which premiered last night locally on PBS in the Capital Region area and will be re-broadcast on
Tuesday, July 30th at &:30 pm, and again on August 23 at 9 pm and August 24th at 10:30 am. You can find out more at the WMHT website here.

As for the silliness:

Do we really need the annual "The Sport is Dying" articles to be run across front pages such as sourpuss Jim Odato's take splashed on the front page of the Times Union (Albany, NY) on Sunday?   You lose me quickly Jimmy Boy with illogical and brain dead comparisons.  Comparing this years non Triple Crown Belmont attempt to a Triple Crown attempted (up until the day before) Belmont regarding attendance drop is just plain dumb.  

No Adelphi Hotel? Yes it is true. The Historic Hotel on Broadway, undergoing a complete renovation, has been closed since the end of last years meet and despite the best wishes of many fans, will not reopen in time for this years meet.  The latest news on the place has the owners awaiting approval on their design plans from the Saratoga Springs Design Review Commission. So cross your fingers and hope all gets finished in time for a 2014 meet opening.

More silliness, the plans include a new glass-enclosed “conservatory” that would replace the popular outdoor rear patio.  How silly.

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