Friday, June 06, 2014

This beautiful looking horse, California Chrome has won the first 2 relatively easy. Will he now win this Saturday at Belmont to take the Triple Crown? Here is why I think he has a really good chance to win: 1. The horse makes good trips. He gets good trips because he is that good, its' not luck. He makes his luck 2. I just don't see the Jockey race riding that I used to see years ago against a favorite. I don't think I will see much this Saturday. 3. The horse has a nice stride and runs very true and straight. Watch the Kentucky Derby and Preakness replays in the stretch of all the horses. California Chrome is running dead straight while the other horses are wobbling and weaving. That's a ton of lost energy that makes the difference between 1st and 2nd. 4. California Chrome is beatable but do you see any world beaters out there in this group. Wicked Strong, Ride on Curlin, Samraat, General A-Rod all look like good horses, but are they great? Who knows, maybe he will get tired the final furlong and get caught, much like Birdstone caught Smarty Jones (the last time we had a real feel good story like this one) back in '04. Nothing would surprise me, but I think this is the year.

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