Monday, October 13, 2008

What could have been

To all those who doubt the injury, here is the photo, courtesy of the Daily Racing Form:

Big Brown---8 Starts, 7 wins.

One bad race-The Bizarre Belmont Stakes.

Now look at the other races and show me what Big Brown ever did wrong.

It is so easy to bash Dutrow, certainly arrogant and loud at times, but what exactly did he do wrong in training Big Brown?

What do the other trainers and barns use on their horses that is so different than what Dutrow uses? Illegal drugs, you allege? Very easy to cast allegations, I say not fair.

Remember Big Brown was not originally trained by Dutrow and he looked pretty good then when trained by Pat Reynolds.

If you had the chance to ever see Big Brown in person you knew what an athlete this horse was. Big Brown was an athlete, a true competitor, and a 4 time Grade 1 champion.

Was Big Brown truly a great horse? I am not sure we had enough on the resume to conclude. I did want to see more from Big Brown to see if he was truly a "great" horse. I do believe Curlin would have beat him had they met up in the Breeders Cup Classic, but I bet Big Brown would have showed up, dug in and competed.


libby said...

One very obvious observation. Big Brown was to be a turf specialist. His bad hoofs were known from the start.

Dutrow liked the way he ran on dirt (albeit fate) so he put him on the hardest dirt surfaces he could find to broaden his own horizons. No problems with those hoofs Babe. Then Big Brown is back to the turf in a homemade race, said now to be a turf only horse, working out only on grass sometimes without shoes. What is right with this picture?

Alan H. said...

Good points. However, if I had a big time mare, I would not be dropping $50k+ to breed to those feet. Especially knowing that his sire had similar problems. Big Brown is a rock star and was probably managed exceptionally well, but I seriously doubt his ability to pass on his speed without the hoof baggage.

SaratogaSpa said...

Libby-observation taken-would have been interesting to see what an all-turf career would have been like.

Alan-following the Big Brown crop in 2011 and beyond will be interesting.

thanks for reading