Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Lone Pick 6 Winner on Belmont Stakes Day

By now you probably all have heard that only one bettor hit the Belmont Stakes Pick 6, winning a payout of $969,345.00. The Bettor had some guts, constructing a $96.00 dollar ticket which started out singling Fabulous Strike in the True North. The amount of horses used were 11 (1x2x2x2x3x2) ending with Summer Bird and Charitable Man in the Belmont Stakes. All we know so far is that the customer used a account.

Seems like a perfect marketing opportunity not only for but also for NYRA. NYRA of late seems to have picked up the ball when it comes to good advertising, media exposure and promotions of various races and events going on at their 3 tracks. It will be interesting to see how they promote this winning ticket and if they use it to do draw more people to playing the Pick 6.

In other news, Sports Illustrated is apparently now marketing to a European audience, putting the low rated (1.8 US TV Rating) French Open (Roger Federer) on the Cover of this weeks issue. Kobe Bryant of the Lakers landed on the top right hand of the cover with a NHL Headline (no photo) on the top left hand side of the cover (2.6 US TV Rating). The Belmont Stakes (with a 4.3 US TV rating) apparently did not merit a mention on the cover, although Tim Layden does have an article on the race in the issue.


Eddie D. said...

We don't really know what kind of guts the bettor had because we don't know how many different tickets he played.

Yeah, he won on a $96 ticket, but as Steve Crist notes in his Cristblog, the winning ticket could have been part of many other tickets the person played.

SaratogaSpa said...

Eddie D--You are correct, my use of the word "guts" is premature.
I was assuming he bet only one ticket, but as you note he could have bet many different tickets, or formed various "pick 6 syndicates" tickets with other betting partners.

Teresa said...

Roger Federer tied Pete Sampras's record for Grand Slam wins, doing so on a surface that's been his nemesis and giving him a career Grand Slam. There was no more significant sporting event last weekend, even though no one in this country watched it. I'd love to think that the Belmont came close, but it was, even I have to admit, a relatively meaningless race.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record. The winner was a she, and it was the only ticket played. Let's just say it was a little gutsy.