Friday, June 19, 2009

Triple Crown Races-Final TV Ratings Analysis

The 2009 Triple Crown Series showed that a good product with good promotion can yield a good audience. The Triple Crown Races shown on NBC and ABC averaged an overall TV Nielsen Final Rating of 7.0. This rating is up 19% from the last time there was no triple crown on the line going into the Belmont Stakes (2007). The individual ratings for all 3 races as well as the overall # compare very favorably with other major sporting events of 2008-2009. Here is a look at the numbers listed by year, event and Nielsen Final Rating:

  1. 2009 NFL-Super Bowl-42.0
  2. 2008 College Football Bowl Championship Series: 10.2
  3. 2009 Kentucky Derby: 9.8
  4. 2009 NASCAR Daytona 500: 9.2
  5. 2009 College Basketball Final Four: 9.0
  6. 2008 MLB World Series: 8.4
  7. 2009 NBA Finals 8.4
  8. 2009 Golf-Masters: 8.3
  9. 2009 Triple Crown Races: 7.0
  10. 2009 Preakness: 6.8
  11. 2008 MLB Playoffs: 6.7
  12. 2009 Belmont Stakes: 4.4
  13. 2009 Indianapolis 500: 4.0
  14. 2009 NBA Playoffs: 3.4
  15. 2009 NHL Finals: 2.7
Source: Nielsen Media Research


Anonymous said...

WoW. By The Look of Forums and some on Twitter you would think we hit bottom!?

Tis a shame most horse players people look to are so negative about the game. There are more bad rules every year added in the NFL but you may here the fans--IE the tuck rule sucks etc--Not its killing our game. Soon no one will be watching..
Love the game sick of many in the games attitude!

Anonymous said...

I don't thik it's possible to say that racing has suffered from the lack of nationally televised events. When it's on, people watch.

For potential new fans - Good luck. I am a long time fan, and it's a job to figure out how to watch or listen.

SaratogaSpa said...

Anon 10:39am-Agreed, the Ratings as well as overall Handle figures show the game is more healthy than some people portray

Anon 1:07am-People will watch & it needs to be on more