Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Travers Exotic Bets/Play on Words

As you study the PP's here's a few exotic bets to ponder:

The Afleet Alex Trifecta: Admiral Alex., Afleet Again, Afleet Express

The Nick Zito Trifecta: Miner's Reserve, Ice Box, Fly Down

The Restrained Exacta: Miner's Reserve, Super Saver

The Friends Exacta: First Dude, Friend or Foe

The Antipodal Exacta: A Little Warm, Ice Box

The Air Force Exacta: Fly Down, Trappe Shot


Anonymous said...

Here's my Air Force Exacta: Admiral Alex, Fly Down

The_Knight_Sky said...

I could never think of these myself. Not even Larry Collmus could inspire them.

Perfect weather on tap upstate this weekend. Good luck to those planning on a foray up the Thruway.

Susan said...

Very Clever, I may just throw my form away, and play one of these!