Monday, February 21, 2011

Poll Numbers

In today's edition of USA Today, they published the results of 325 people who were asked: What Sports Commissioner needs to Go?

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig led all vote getter's with 42% saying he should go, followed by David Stern (NBA) with 20%, Gary Bettman at 14% and NFL's Roger Goodell with 10%. 14% said none-they are all doing a good job.

The Thoroughbred Industry does not have a commissioner but the closest thing we have is Alex Waldrop, the NTRA President and CEO. What do you think the % of Yes votes would be for him needing to go?

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The_Knight_Sky said...

Well according to the latest Paulick segment on "racing executives' salaries".... the crowd is flabbergasted at Mr. Waldrop's salary (just like last year).

Here's the listing at The Paulick Report