Thursday, September 27, 2012

Artwork bid for NYRA

 The Times Union in NY Times fashion felt fit to have an above the fold front page story tweaking NYRA. This one is about an art mural commissioned by NYRA focusing on the last decade and featuring 100 racing figures including the recently ousted NYRA CEO Charlie Hayward.

Renowned racing artist Pierre Bellocg  known as "Peb," will recieve $250,000 for the artwork.

Seems the focus on Charlie Hayward in the piece is a little petty and piling on at this point. But should Emperor/Governor Cuomo squash the deal I hereby submit my artwork with a more modest quote of $25 (or best offer).

My piece is probably more crude and simple than Peb's piece. His took months while mine took about 3 minutes this afternoon while I was on a conference call. I chose a simple theme featuring the same 3 NYRA figures Peb had in his piece plus 2 horses. I was going to put in some jockeys and trainers but I that would have took longer than 3 minutes and I wanted to keep the fee at $25.

In addition I offer framed copies of the piece to the general public for a mere $50 plus shipping and handling fees of $9.95. If you act now you get 2 for the price of one (plus shipping and handling of course). If acceptable please contact me to make arrangements for payment. Paypal or cash orders only. 

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