Saturday, September 22, 2012

Latest NY Times Crusade against Racing

 Another article in the NY Times 2012 crusade against the game of Horse racing . This article  is titled "Racing Economics Collide with Vetenerian's Oath" with a subtitle of " Horse-racing veterinarians are both doctor and drugstore; the more drugs they prescribe, the more money they make"

Typical Doom and Gloom from Author Joe Drape and his Co-author Walter Bogdanich.

The article is lengthy, and the authors jump back and forth throughout the article talking about Thoroughbred's, Quarter Horses, and Standardbred's (Harness).

Do you think the laymen can get through this article, actually read the entire article, and differentiate between the 3 different type of racing?

We all desire a clean game and the best in animal welfare. The issue of the Vetenerian's role should be examined and no doubt a Vetenerian's financial greed sometimes takes over, with or without the Trainer's blessing or knowledge, but where in the NY Times article is the statement about the many caring vetenerian's working under the watching eyes of honorable Trainer's and Owner's?

Maybe include a look into the recent care of the ailing Paynter, owned by Zayat Stables. The public received almost daily Twitter updates about Paynter's medical condition, treatment, complications and expected progress from Twitter Accounts authored by @A.Zayat and @JustinZayat of Zayat Stables.

There is good in the sport, and bad, let's have a balanced look. Banish for life the cheaters and animal abusers and put a spotlight on the owners, trainers and Vets who are doing it right.


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