Wednesday, August 02, 2006

No Racing Today

For the 1st time in modern racing history at Saratoga a day at the races has been cancelled because of the heat. Economically this is a blow to the meet. Between attendance, money spent on track, bet on track as well as off track handle the $$$ add up. Some of the races will be added to Friday and Sunday's cards but NYRA cannot possibly make up all they would have made today.

Interestingly there have been articles running in the news stating attendence is down 14% as is overall money bet on track. NYRA has blamed increased cost of gasoline for the decline. Big factor, but what about the weather. Of the first 6 days, it rained at least in part on 4 of the 6 days and it has been oppressively hot on all 6 days. I would say Gasoline and the weather are equal factors.
If the weather cools off, attendance will increase, especially for the day trippers who might go up for the day on a weekday.

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