Monday, August 14, 2006

Week 3 complete

What a difference a week makes. The weahter changed and the crowds came out also, including a spinner crowd of $70,000 plus on Sunday. Very nice tribute to the great Jerry Bailey on Sunday.
Was lucky enough to be there Friday through Sunday and see some great racing. Hit the grand slam on Saturday and actually had the first place horse in all 4 races. However it paid only $162.50 oppossed to $961 I had bet the pick 4 and hit on the 4 horses. Dont really like the grand slam as he get know reward for hitting a win or place bet over the show in the 1st 3 races. The grand slam is to me, designed to entice the novice better.
I hit the trifecta in the 2nd for a $123.05 payoff and had a nice weekend. And of course the nice weather brought out some great people watching. The meet is half over with week 4 bringing more races including the Alabama. See ya at the track.

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