Monday, August 07, 2006

Week 2 complete

What a week- We saw the first ever meet day cancelled because of excessive heat and ended the week with an impressive Grade 1 win by Invasor. This horse is the potential Horse of the Year if he can win 2 more including a Breeder's Cup Win.
The weekend weather was beautiful and the crowds were a plenty both Saturday and Sunday. I know Sunday was a spinner day but nonetheless the crowds were out.

There have been a quite a few articles bemoaning the drop in attendance for week one of the meet. The articles are nonsensical too me as they do not make mention of what I suspect is an overall drop in summer 2006 tourism and entertainment attendance due to the high cost of gas and the miserable heat this summer. I would even guess when compared to Lake George attendence and other close tourist venues that the "drop" is less than those spots. All I know is that the track seems crowed when I am there and the restaurants and bars are packed in the evening.

Now that the weather seems to have turned for the better watch for an increase in attendance.

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