Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In, Out or Maybe?

With the Breeders Cup just 5 weeks away, it seems like we need a flow chart of who will be running out in California on the synthetic surface, who is in and who is still a maybe.

It is an indication of how dysfunctional and confusing this sport (or is just gambling?) can be. If you think the industry is just gambling and not sport- I guess you don't care. You just get the Past Performances a couple of days before, grab a pencil and start handicapping. As an old gambling buddy told me once, "I will gamble on ants running around on a sidewalk". However , If you consider it a sport and assume there are these type of people who follow horse racing because of a sporting interest, how do you ramp up sporting interest if you can't even figure out who is even running in it? Curlin-maybe, Commentator-maybe, Proud Spell-maybe. Big Brown-in-he's running in the Classic right (or is it the turf ?) at least I think he's definitely running in one of them??

Could you imagine if you followed NASCAR all year and some of the NASCAR drivers decided not to run their drivers in the year ending 10 race Chase?

How do you explain the Breeders Cup to a casual fan, when they ask how can it be a championship if all the potential champions are not competing in it?

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Winston...not really said...

Maybe they should make the owners forfeit the purse of the win and you're in races if the horse doesn't start in the BC. Or make a certain percentage of the purse contingent on starting.