Friday, September 19, 2008

Obama is a horse racing fan?

While reading todays edition of The Boston Globe to get a feel for the local coverage of this weekends Massachusetts Handicap at Suffolk Downs I came across Commentator owner Tracy Farmer stating that

"Barack Obama is a good horse fan and I think he will be good for our sport."

The article does not address whether he just like horses or actually horse racing itself nor does it address how Obama would be good for the sport. I have not seen any prior articles listing Obama as a fan of horse racing but I did find a mention that his "Heartland RV" tour of Ohio planned to stop at the Little Brown Jug harness race at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Delaware, Ohio on September 18th. Don't know if the current financial mess pulled him away from that event.

As for the Massachusetts Handicap itself I will go with the Chalk-picking morning line 3-5 favorite and 2 time Whitney winner Commentator. With gorgeous weather look for a nice turnout.


Winston...not really said...

Suffolk is doing things right.

Here's hoping this showcase gives the state a reason to 'get their back'.

Power Cap said...

No way Obama is a horse racing fan. He is way too elitist and of the moment. His socialism restricts him from racing as it appeals to the old-money rich and the gun-toting-bible clutching working class. Two groups Obama is diametrically opposed to.

Racing does not appeal to African Americans. Belmont is surrounded by the biggest middle class African American community in New York and there are almost no African Americans that attend the races.

If you see a black guy at Aqueduct/Belmont they are likely from the islands. Jamaican blacks love the races and are cut from a different cloth. Obama will not be attending any races.

SaratogaSpa said...

Winston--As you know-Suffolk Downs' Richard Fields took on a big issue when he adopted a zero-tolerance policy toward those who slaughter horses. If a horse that ended its career winds up being slaughtered, the trainer and owner will have its stalls at the track stripped away forever.

Power Cap--You lost me. "Elitist, old money rich, gun toting bible clutching working class" You sure you didn't leave any other stereotype out.

Fran Jurga said...

Someone ordered a horse book from me as a gift for Barack Obama, said he would want it.

I seem to recall he did have some stuff on his record indicating he would be pro-racing.

He is definitely aware of the slaughter issue, since the DeKalb plant is on his turf and I remember his name in connection with that.

It's a great day for the Mass Cap!


Anonymous said...

Obama is on record as being opposed to gambling. Ilinois did take from the river boat casinos and funnel that towards horseracing.

Power Cap is factual. Direct quotes from Obama's own Ayer's written books say it over and over.

"A white man's greed runs a world in need"

Obama ain't no racing fan. He's not even a fan of America. "Oh no!" you say, "He's not going to say he's a Marxist!!!" I don't have to say it, everything about the man and his ideology SCREAMS it.

Save horse racing 2012, Save America, Vote him OUT!!!