Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bet the Bruce Springsteen Setlist

When I think of Gambling, I will always think of the NFL first. Nowadays I read the Daily Racing Form and Past Performances far more than NFL Lines and injury reports but that was not always the case.

A 5 year or so foray into running "the sheets" in the 1980's for one of my bookie friends helped put me through college. Bookies used runners, and that's where I came in. I needed to pay for my Jesuit College education, and being ethically challenged, I justified it in my mind as a great side job. Plus, being paid cash with no IRS and FICA BS was very appealing to me. Actually I was thinking just the other day, what a easy gig that was. Customers were easy to find, after all there was no Internet yet, at least not in the blue collar homes of the New York neighborhood where I was living at the time.

The bookie I worked for was always in a good mood and the best boss I ever had. He always made money, just off the VIG alone, and he had no problem paying me cash. And the customers loved betting the NFL. I never had one customer stop betting with me, every week they needed action, betting the line, over-unders, teasers, whatever-they just had to bet.

Fast forward 20 some odd years later and how different it is. No more "sheets", now people bet on the Internet and use a credit card account. Oh well, those were the days. Speaking of on-line betting sites , if you need some action besides the game itself and betting Derby Preps this weekend, you can now even bet on the Bruce Springsteen Halftime Set List. All I know is that it will be 12 minutes long and Bruce insists he will play live and not pre-record any parts.

A gander at various on line betting sites put 5-2 odds on a set list consisting of
“Glory Days,” “My Lucky Day,” “Badlands” and “Born To Run.”
The favorite, with 3-1 odds, seems to be
“Born In The USA,” “Thunder Road,” “Rosalita” and “My Lucky Day.”

Looking for value, I will go with a longer shot, at 8-1 on
"Born to Run", "Rosalita", "Working on a Dream", and "The Rising"


Handride said...

i heard he's gonna lead w/ 10th avenue freeze out.

alan said...

Is there a line on Bruce having a wardrobe malfunction? Y'know, he might forget to zip up his fly or something.

Ted Grevelis said...

What a hoot! How he DOESN'T lead with "Working on a Dream" (Title track, new album) would be beyond me. I think he also ends with "Born to Run". I think if you squeeze in "Glory Days" and, perhaps, "Girls in Their Summer Clothes" (longshot) or "The Rising", then you've got yourself a Super Bowl halftime setlist for the jocks, old fans, new fans and promo of the new album.

SaratogaSpa said...

alan-Yjr on line betting site betus.com actually did place a line on wardrobe malfunction as follows:

Patti Scialfa: 2/1
Bruce Springsteen: 3/1
Clarence Clemons: 4/1
Steven Van Zandt: 8/1
Max Weinberg: 10/1
Garry Tallent: 12/1

Ted-I am pretty sure Working on a Dream will be played.