Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Journalist v. Blogger

I read with interest the 01/05/09 entry of Brooklyn Backstretch titled "Who's writing about racing". One quote from the piece:

"For now, though, mainstream media and non-traditional writers seem to be forging a fragile affiliation, one that can probably work for both parties in the near term, while racing, journalism, and new media figure out just exactly what the landscape can and should look like going forward"

Fragile at best. One only has to look in the Sports Blog Mainstream where "traditional" journalist Jason Whitlock has been in a back 'n forth battle with the very popular sports blog Deadspin. Check out the latest angry barb against Deadspin from Whitlock where he asks for sports blogs to police themselves, and of course, the snarky Deadspin wastes no time in responding.

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