Monday, January 12, 2009

Steroid Use

A reporter once asked Rickey Henderson if Ken Caminiti’s estimate that 50 percent of Major League Baseball players were taking steroids was accurate. His response was:

“Well, Rickey’s not one of them, so that’s 49 percent right there.”

Rickey Henderson cruised into the Hall of Fame getting 94.8 percent of the writers votes. This was Henderson's first time on the ballot. He played 25 seasons for 9 different teams. He was exciting, colorful and one helluva player. I would argue, the greatest lead off hitter ever. His stats are unbelievable. He was also always in terrific shape and played the game clean.

Mark McGuire, long suspected steroid user, did not make the Hall on his 3rd year on the ballot and saw his percentage drop to 21.9 percent from 23.6 percent. This supports my belief that people hate cheaters (including those they strongly suspect of cheating) and will reduce that player or any sport that includes cheating to irrelevancy.

The fans tolerance of steroid use is low and support will drop of any player or sport suspected of steroid use. The NTRA in October announced the Safety and Integrity Alliance Pledge. The pledge includes uniform medication rules for each racing state and a ban of steroids from racing competition.

You can fool the public for a short while, but once they become convinced you are cheating, especially with drugs, they become intolerant of you and will just shut you out. Witness the public's disdain of McGuire. How about the sport of Boxing? Can you even name the current Heavyweight Champ? I thought so, the public simply does not take the sport seriously anymore. Horse Racing must be careful to ensure the general public it is a clean game or else risk the public shunning that will follow.


Handride said...

it's a russian, what do i win what do i win?

Winston...not really said...

He's Welsh.

Calzaghe, Right?

Amateurcapper said...

I couldn't stand not knowing, so I looked it up. There are actually three current champions for four different titles.
At least horse racing has one Horse of the Year! Oh, wait, there is a Horse of the Year in every country. So technically, boxing's still ahead of us...ugh!

EquiSpace said...

One of the Klitschko brothers? They kinda look alike...

SaratogaSpa said...

Handride and Equispace get 25% for partially correct answers.

There are 4 champs-the 2 Klitschko Brothers (Ukraine), Valuev (Russian) and Chagaev (Uzbekistan). Chagaev is believe or not, actually titled a "champion in recess". You can't make this stuff up.

thanks for reading.