Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another one off the List

Maybe it is me, but two weeks to the Breeders Cup yet it seems the anticipation for the event is not building much. Maybe it is the West Coast location again or maybe the number of "name" horses who will not be running in 2 weeks.With Macho Again off the trail, I think I can name more horses not going in the BC this year than those that are showing up.

Trainer Dallas Stewart did not want to go west with a horse not 100%, deciding to "do right by the horse". Don't ever think these trainers don't care about these animals. They are treated better than most pet dogs I have met, something I wish those outside the industry would understand better.

Now I am off to read some European blogs so I can learn about some of these horses.


Valerie said...

You're not kidding. Let's see, those not going include:

Just As Well(Turf)
Rachel Alexandra (Classic)
Hot Dixie Chick (Juvenile Fillies)
Fabulous Strike (Sprint)
Kodiak Kowboy (Sprint)
In Summation (Sprint) retired
Etched (Classic)
Rail Trip (Classic)
Gitano Hernando (Classic)
Sweetlalabye (Juvenile Filles)
Jackson Bend (Juvenile)
Lahaleeb (FM Turf)
Field Commission (Turf Sprint)

JAMES said...

The Breeders Cup is Dead. No interest by owners, trainers or fans. they have out priced themselves to everyone especially the cost of nominations and supplements.

suebroux said...

It appears that Val has assembled a nice starter list for BC no-shows. Lemme ad another:

Dublin (Juvenile)

SaratogaSpa said...

Valerie-Thanks for the list!
Sue-thanks for the add on. Here is another one-Flashing (F&M Sprint) is also not going.
Thanks all for reading

ljk said...

Vineyard Haven