Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NYRA returns Funds

This past July I bitched and wined about the customer disservice reserved seating system "lottery" used by NYRA for clubhouse and grandstand reserved seating at Saratoga. Long story short, you mail your check to NYRA in January, you wait to see what tickets you get, and than wait again for any ticket refund. I wondered when I would get my refund from NYRA as I was not "lucky" enough in the lottery system to get my 1st seating choice this year and would be due a refund from NYRA for the difference in price seating. Here is the NYRA official policy:

"Depositing your check does not guarantee seating. NYRA will not mail any ticket until at least twenty days after your check was deposited to permit your check to clear. If you do not receive seating NYRA will return your funds"

My check was mailed to NYRA on 01/19/09. Well, NYRA did "return my funds" (without interest-NYRA keeps that)...10 months later. See below the envelope mailed by NYRA with the 10/20/09 postmark date.

And they wonder why people just stay at home and bet through ADW accounts.


EquiSpace said...

Looking on the bright side, at least they had the cash to refund and didn't go bankrupt in the meantime!

alan said...

Just about in time for you to send the money back to them for next season!

Anonymous said...

Alan, watch it! You just tipped off the scam.

One executive spoke up at the recent board of directors's meeting:

"What's the point of sending this check if we're just going to screw him again, @ ten weeks from now, in 2010?"

The rest were so impressed, they made it a new policy - NO refunds! What wasn't used will be automatically deposited into next year's lottery.

"That way, if they don't want tickets, we can still make dough with the float for another three months."