Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Junior Seau becomes a Horse Trainer

After watching the NY Rangers game last night on Versus, I stumbled upon "Sports Jobs with Junior Seau" which followed the game. I have never seen this series which features NFL Linebacker Junior Seau in a "reality show" style setting trying out different sports.

Last night was "Junior Seau becomes a Horse Trainer". It was actually not half bad. It is a 30 minute show and between the light nature of the show and the commercials it was over before I knew it. It took place at Fairplex Park and featured Seau working with trainer Jeff Mullins as his assistant Horse Trainer.

Overall it was a positive look at the sport. It did show a Horse and Jockey spill, but Junior did report that both the Horse and Jockey were fine.

I did learn a thing or two:

1. They showed a horse castration (with certain Horse body parts pixelated) Yikes!!
2. The average Equine Vet salary is only $38,628 (guess I will be pushing my kids towards the plastic surgery side of medicine)
3. I found it pretty funny when Junior Seau asked Jeff Mullins what is the most important part of training a horse and he responded with "The health of the Horse". Almost spit up the cup of coffee I was drinking hearing that one.

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