Friday, January 08, 2010

Maybe they meant the week after that

The Times Union headline on Saturday January 2, 2010 blared:
Governor promises decision on racino
than in smaller type:
Paterson says he will endorse a bid next week to install gambling terminals at Aqueduct Race Track.

I'm no expert on what "next week" means but using a Gregorian calender would it not be the week beginning January 3rd and ending January 9th?

Seemed strange that NY Governor David Paterson would force the issue of naming a slots operator the week of 1/3/10-1/9/10, especially with his State of the State address this week keeping him busy. And in reading the Times Union article and other publications, I could not find any actual quote where Paterson says he will endorse one of the bidders this week. What he actually was quoted in the Times Union article was this:
"If the two other leaders cannot come to a conclusion and a decision about which group should be the sponsoring organization, then I think I'll be forced, as I did last year, to announce my group and hope to persuade the two other leaders"

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