Monday, July 12, 2010

Guess who's coming to dinner??

Jimmy Vielkind of The Times Union (Albany, NY) confirms in the Capitol Confidential Blog that Sarah Palin and her husband Todd Palin have been invited to the annual Whitney Gala thrown by Mary Lou Whitney and her husband John Hendrickson. Like past years, it will be held at the Canfield Casino in Congress Park in downtown Saratoga on the eve of the Whitney Stakes.

In deference to the state of the economy, the socialite couple cancelled last year's invitation only gala. But this year, the party is back on.

The Palins were also guests of Whitney and Hendrickson at this years Belmont Stakes. The Belmont appearance drew the expected mixed reaction. As the Whitney event is invitation only, and with tight security, forget about getting inside the event at the Canfield Casino.

But the public can assemble in Congress Park outside the Canfield Casino building to welcome or heckle guests, including Palin, as they seem fit. No word yet if fellow TBA blogger Alan from Left at the Gate who previously voiced his feelings about the Palin Belmont appearance over at Teresa Genaro's Brooklyn Backstretch blog, is on the invite list.


alan said...

The invite hasn't yet shown up, damn! I think that Ms. Whitney has long outlived her usefulness and should consider moving to Alaska.

Steve Zorn said...

This is soooo tempting. The possibilities take me right back to the 1960s.

ljk said...

Yep, that crazy MaryLou and her useless philanthropy. Off to Alaska.

Glenn Craven said...

Are you thinking "topless at Woodstock," Steve? Or is that only my idea for combining Sarah Palin with the 1960s?