Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saratoga Opener in Pictures

As Geno would say, there is nothing like a Saratoga Opener.

Despite persistent showers that got worse as the day went on, 23,178 fans showed up.

A hearty fan not afraid of a little rain scopes out Tar Beach, winner of the 4th race.

Note the garish looking Shake Shack Restaurant Building behind the paddock on the left side. Doesn't make the Spa Paddock seem so quaint anymore.

Notes from the Day:
Yes it rained but you could find many worse places to spend a Friday afternoon. Vineyard Haven was impressive, Le Mi Geaux wins the Schuylerville, but I will keep my eye on the very green but talented Show Me the Bling. Even with all the scratches five of the ten races saw the Win bet pay over 20 dollars with 4 of them paying over 25 bucks. After placing a $5 win bet on Bank Merger in the 3rd race, bringing home a $63 return, I had my drinking money for the night and all was well. 39 days to go.

Photo Credits: Me


EquiSpace said...

Sweet opener pic! Nice call on Bank Merger ---- take it to the bank!

Appreciate the link.

The_Knight_Sky said...

That was one strong wave of storms coming in from the west during early morning, as I was watching the radar.

It looks like the worst is out of the way. Sunny skies ahead for the rest of the meet I hope.