Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Saratoga Heat

It is an official heat wave in Saratoga County as we hit our 3rd straight day over 90 degrees (apparently you need to hit 3 straight days over 90 in these environs before you can call it a heat wave).

As of this post writing, the Thursday NYRA card at Belmont is on, as temperatures are expected to be less humid and in the high 80's at Belmont. With an east wind blowing over Long Island, they should be good to go. That wind won't be anywhere near Saratoga as we face another humid day where temperature should easily eclipse 90 once again on Thursday.

The water sprinklers were going full blast on the Saratoga Race Course Turf surfaces on Wednesday, as the staff did what they could to keep the turf from becoming rock hard. If you look closely at the photo here taken of the track today, you could see a few brown patches on the turf, something rare this time of year.

Unless we get a significant amount of rain between now and opening day, don't expect any soft turf at the Spa.


The_Knight_Sky said...

Actually it's more humid but cooler than yesterday. It's actually bearable outside.

The grass courses are a concern to me down here. We haven't had a single turf race washed on to the main track yet.

Hoping a deluge starts after Sun Down on Sunday. ;-)

ljk said...

Did you see the monstrosity they're building next to the paddock for the new restaurants?

SaratogaSpa said...

TKS-I would imagine the Monmouth Turf must be really a dust bowl by now.

LJK-Yes and you are right, a monstrosity is a good call-kinda makes the place look more like a neighborhood carnival or bazaar-Yikees!

The_Knight_Sky said...

Actually no. The turf course is 95% green. I believe there is a sprinkler system in place on this new course.

Outside the rails there is a noticeable dirt trail wider than usual.

I hope Saratoga has some sprinklers because no rain in sight for much of this week either.

SaratogaSpa said...

TKS--They do have a sprinkler system and this has helped the turf alot with the dry conditions.