Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dutrow blames Kent

Well, the finger pointing has begun. Trainer Rick Dutrow has wasted no time blaming Kent Desormeaux for the ride on Big Brown. He also did not like that Kent pulled him up on the final turn, claiming Big Brown was not sore, so why pull him up. I have to agree. Unless Kent truly felt his horse was injured(and then he should jump off and help the horse immediately..i.e. like Prado did with Barbaro ) why not just ease him up a bit, forget the whip but continue to run through the finish line, finishing last or next to last. I don't get it. This does not look good for Kent, especially since he has been criticized in the Press and in the blogosphere for pulling up horses in the past if they are not in the money.

I had a great vantage point from my seat in section 3N in the Grandstand and I can tell you Big Brown was absolutely through on the final turn and would not have finished in the top 5, but he still should have run through the finish line, even if he had to gallop.

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