Monday, June 30, 2008

Heatseeker retired-what it means too me.

Heatseeker, # 1 in the TBA older horse standings, is now retired because of injury. What a bummer. In an older horse division lacking stars, we now have one less horse to root for. I wish Invasor, Bernardini and others were still running but they are all retired. The news can give you the history but For me, the average fan, what does this mean? Well this means one less horse that I know by name, one less horse I can follow, one less horse I can look forward to see race this summer and one less horse who will run in the Breeders Cup this fall.

When my downstate NY buddies come up Upstate to hit Saratoga this summer this is one less horse to talk about when we talk about not only who is running at the Spa but who looks good out west. We love this game and long for name horses to stay in the sport so we can see them compete, see them run. This is why we need to pay attention to the TBA standings and enjoy these horses when they do run, because their time before us is always so short.

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