Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Thoroughbred Racing Fans Association

There is a new non-profit racing fans association group formed which for now seems like it will start out focusing on the Saratoga Race Course. Not much is known right now but I did ferret out the official mission statement from the meeting minutes of a recent Saratoga County public meeting:

The Thoroughbred Racing Fan Association (TRFA) is a non-profit membership based corporation designed to foster growth of the Thoroughbred racing industry by providing racing fans with an organization that will actively support their interests. Our goal is to enchance fan enjoyment and knowledge of Thoroughbred racing and skills in handicapping. TRFA, in cooperation with other organizations in the Thorougbred business community seeks to retain existing racing fans and develop new ones for the industry by creating membership rewards.

Thus far no website yet, and the only local press I found was here Appears the Mike Kane of the National Museum of Racing (also located in Saratoga) is affiliated with the group. This is a good thing as he is a knowledgeable racing fan and big racing historian.

I will be interested to see who else is affiliated with the group and how involved they plan to be. Hey at least this a group for "fans" unlike the recent government hearings which made no mention of the fans. Stay tuned for more information as it develops.

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