Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Ramblings

What I love about this sport is the discussions it generates. Like Baseball it is a sport of numbers, predictions, situations etc. After Curlin's second place finish in the Man 'O War at Belmont yesterday (before a small but Curlin adoring crowd of 8,420)we all can now speculate and discuss where Curlin goes from here. I thought his second place finish for his first time on grass was decent. I would hope they would "stay the course" and continue on turf. I think Curlin is one of these horses that constantly adjusts and will improve on his second time over the same surface.

For now, Curlin ships to Saratoga, not to run in the six week meet, but to train on the Oklahoma Training Track. At this point I have the feeling that they will bring him back to the dirt and point him to the BC Classic.

At Belmont today, in the 6th race, I have a feeling Sightseeing, can take this race. He is overdue for a win and has been in races with much better horses.

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