Sunday, February 22, 2009

EA Sports focusing on 2 more sports for '09

and of them is not Horse Racing. EA Sports, the leader of sports related video games including the leading seller Madden NFL series is adding 2 new sports to the fold in 2009. The already have the NFL, the NHL, the NBA, NASCAR, NCAA Basketball The PGA and FIFA Soccer. In a soft economy, video game software and equipment has actually risen-2008 saw a sales gain of 19% over 2007. Despite the economy, sales are expected to grow and leading retailer Game Stop has forecast a 10-12% sales gain for 2009.

You would think any marketing agency for a sport would hitch its wagons to this silver bullet. In 2009 EA Sports will debut Tennis with the release of its EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) games are expected later in 2009. I always thought a Horse Racing Video game using the likeness of actual Jockeys , Race Tracks and Trainers would be a good seller and also relate the game player to the actual sport, must like Madden NFL helped make certain players more popular. You could add a fantasy betting element to the game also, as all good gamblers love their action, even on a fantasy level. Seems like Marketing 101 to me, but than again that's just me.

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Anonymous said...

I wrote this elsewhere, but it applies here, too...

Personally, I've never been able to get into racing video games. I just can't accept that no matter what I do, a computer is going to decide whether I win the race or if my horse bucks the jockey. In real life, if something goes wrong there is usually an excuse, an explanation or at least someone to yell at. In the games, I'm getting screwed over by a microchip. It's a powerless feeling.