Sunday, February 08, 2009

Stardom Bound on the Derby Trail-PETA, where are you?

The impressive 3 year old filly Stardom Bound enters the Derby Trail as she is slated to take on the Boys in the Santa Anita Derby on April 4th.

Egads! Surely PETA is on this case, especially in light of the campaign they led following filly Eight Belles' breakdown and euthanasia at the Kentucky Derby on May 3 of 2008. Here it is a year later and another filly is aiming for the Kentucky Derby.

Last Year PETA was up front and center with "reforms" they proposed to the racing industry including delay training and racing until after a horse's third birthday,
eliminating racing on dirt surfaces, limiting the number of races per season and banning whipping.

Now, less than 10 months later the Al Sharpton of the animal world is all quiet. Surely, I thought there must be some mention of this filly Stardom Bound on the PETA website, or at least some follow up on how the proposed "reforms" are going. Weren't they supposed to be "front and center" in stopping this cruel sport from continuing.

Well if you visit the home page of PETA, you would think horse racing has already been successfully banned all over the world, for there is no mention of it on the site, except for the archives section.

I figured they must mention something about the cruel Derby Trail and the merciless pointing of Stardom Bound to the Derby under the "What's New" section of the Home Page. Nope--under the "What's New" the top story is "Tell the NFL to Test Michael Vick for a Brain Disorder". There are 7 stories listed, none about horse racing. The number 6 story is "Save the Sea Kittens". Yes apparently fish are now sea kittens. I checked the Blog section of the site and no horse racing updates there.

You can however read about the campaign to get the home improvement chain "Lowe's" to ban glue traps which they feel is cruelly killing the poor little rats and mice. After all they have the right to infest your home.

Could it be they are waiting for another injury to happen on the Derby Trail before they pounce with the "Told ya so's"? Could it be possible that if this upstart filly Stardom Bound stays on the Derby Trail and comes home safely every time that PETA would ignore this story? Would like to be the bookmaker taking bets on that.


Wind Gatherer said...

Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

I'm on the Stardom Bound bandwagon and look forward to her running in the Derbies but IF anything happens to her, there will be a reckoning.

coeurdefer said...

I am not a PeTA member or supporter. I support horse racing, but not as it is now. It needs much in the way of improvement from safety to betting. However, anytime an individual expresses an opinion that contains some observation on PeTA, I become concerned.

So Mr/Ms They're in the Gate, what is your point here? I support HR 503 and 305 in the House of Representatives. I don't think fish are sea kittens. Is the issue PeTA or racing reform? Because if it is PeTA, I'm not interested. If it is necessary racing reform, I'm there with you.

SaratogaSpa said...

coerudefer-I support the following reforms : banning of performance enhancing drugs, research into developing safer dirt and synthetic surfaces, standardized reporting systems for injuries, and aftercare programs for retired racehorses.
I support all intelligent suggestions to make the game better made by those who understand the game. I do not believe PETA understands the game.

Thanks for reading

coeurdefer said...

Well then, why talk about PeTA? They will do little (actually none that I can see) to improve the race game and in many ways, not a player in this debate except for their periodic attempts at grabbing the limelight off of tragic situations.

I noticed you specifically failed to address HR 503 and 305? Unfortunate. Fence straddling like that of NTRA/Waldrop perpetuates abuse, neglect and cruel treatment of the horses. Granted, it is only one aspect of the overall health of the race game. But for the horses, it is a matter of life and death with a whole lot of nasty mixed in.

SaratogaSpa said...

The post as written is satirical in nature and I think that point of view comes across. I fully agree with your thoughts on PETA, they are rabblerousers IMO. HR 503 & HR 305 have merits, I guess it is something I can expand on in the future. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

You post came across fine to me. PETA sucks.

They are nothing short of a terrorist organization, not interested in helping horse racing unless it involves grabbing a few headlines.