Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saratoga Summer Bookings Up?

With the Derby trail underway, it is never to early to speculate about attendance during the 2009 Saratoga Meet. Tom Federlin of Racing City Realty was quoted in The Post Star as saying:
"My business is up significantly from last year at this time -- and last year was my best year."

Another Broker, Lori Leman, of Saratoga Realty Associates states:
"I think people who are calling up to rent a home are looking for bargains. They are interested in negotiating on price more so than in other years, but the thing is they still want to come to Saratoga"

My prediction in 3 words: Weather, Weather, Weather. Sunny comfortable days are the biggest factor in the size of the crowds at the Spa. Rain and high humidity will keep people away. The economy matters, but not as much as the weather.


Fran Jurga said...

I saw this news story too and for just a moment I could feel a breath of summer...it's coming! I agree with you about weather...it definitely affects the daily attendance but someone with the forethought and intention to book a house for a week is stuck with it, regardless of the weather.

See you there!


alan said...

Federlin is full of shit. He had tons of inventory last year that he couldn't give away.

Steve Zorn said...

Of course, quoting realtors like Tom and Lori (I've dealt with both of them in the past) on the state of the rental market is a bit like quoting Wall Street analysts on stock prospects; you're going to get a pretty rosy view unless there's actually been an earthquake or a major volcanic explosion in the past 20 minutes.

I know people who are not going to Saratoga this year, so I find it hard to believe that business will be up, controlling, naturally, for the weather.

SaratogaSpa said...

Real estate agents are paid to sell and I agree with both Alan and Steve. Anything should be listened to with a dubious ear.