Friday, July 10, 2009

Morning Workouts at Saratoga

Check out the Horseplayers Association of North America (HANA) site for a nice piece by Marcie Heacox on the physical beauty of our racetracks and the special pleasure in viewing morning workouts.

After reading the piece the racing fan might put it on his agenda to check out a morning workout at the upcoming Saratoga meet. After all the track and setting is beautiful and what could be better than watching the horses workout on a crisp sunny Saratoga morning?

Don't bother, The Oklahoma Training Track morning workouts at Saratoga is not open to the general viewing public. Because of Security reasons, NYRA prohibits the general public from watching morning workouts at The Training track. While the working press, and various tour groups can get in, if John Q. Public just feels like waking up one morning and going to the track at 5 am-he/she will be turned away. I certainly understand the security concerns, but there has to be a way to safely allow access to the general public so that the beauty of the morning workout can be exposed to more fans.

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