Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saratoga Attendance-Look to the Sky

The biggest predictor of attendance at Saratoga is right above us-the sky. Clear skies bring out the folks, especially those living nearby between Albany and Glens Falls NY. If it is a nice day, out to the track they come, but rainy skies keep them away. We all saw what the rain did too attendance in 2008, attendance was down about 25% during the rain filled opening week compared to a sun filled opening week of 2007.

The photo above I took today, less than 20 hours before the first race of 2009, of the skies above Saratoga. Sun to the left, dark ominous clouds to the right. Pretty much what you get here in August. Fog in the morning, than humidity with a chance of rain in late afternoon. The forecast for tomorrow-hot, humid, chance of rain and thunderstorms. Dress your opening day best, but bring an umbrella.

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