Monday, May 24, 2010

Only in New York

Only in New York can someone make a deal with the state, have New York State than stiff you and you look like the bad guy. New York State has contractually owed money to NYRA since 03/31/10 but NYRA was given the big FU by the State and on top of that NYC-OTB has stopped paying what they owe to NYRA. Of course if you read any of the local news media comments sections online or the "letters to the Editor" section you would think NYRA officials are robbing the State instead of the other way around.

Tonight the NY State Senate and Assembly has passed an emergency extender budget bill which includes a $25 million loan to NYRA. Can you imagine some of the inane comments to follow in the coming days. Maybe one like this commenter to the Times Union who signed his comment "State Worker":

"I, like many colleagues, do not care if the racing season continues now or ever. It is unfortunate that state dollars are used to support an industry marked by poor management and NOT VITAL to the state’s long term interests while education and other prioroities(sic) suffer. Perhaps those currently in positions of leadership are blind to the depth of the public’s disappointment and distruct(sic) of their performance. I cannot support or condone the NYRA bailout while the state lacks a budget or vision for its fiscal welfare. It is time that we all share the pain and burden of corrective action and not cater to a few special interests."

Guess "State Worker" doesn't realize racing is a New York State Industry that pays almost 40 million in direct tax payments each year and millions more in state payroll taxes.

The $25 million dollar loan must be repaid by March 31, the end of this fiscal year, or 30 days after a deal with a VLT vendor is reached. Governor Paterson wants a deal by August. Any bets on when a VLT deal will actually happen? Only in New York.

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