Monday, May 17, 2010

Post Preakness Thoughts

I found it interesting that Donna Barton-Brothers of NBC noted while Super Saver was loading into the gate that he had lost weight since the Kentucky Derby.

I wondered if anyone in the media had reported in the week leading up to the race if Super Saver looked like he had lost weight. I searched the Daily Racing Form, Bloodhorse, all the blogs, the workout reports, etc and found nothing everywhere I searched. In fact most of what I read said he looked good and quoted how he was eating well. Maybe the best way to handicap is rely less on reporting and go to the Paddock yourself and look at the horse before you place your bet.

Looks like only one horse will race in all Triple Crown Races this year-Dublin. Imagine that we start with 20 horses in the Derby and only 1 can navigate through the whole series. How does that stimulate interest in the fan who starts his year following the road to the Derby?

Maybe if NBC gets all 3 races next year, they can do what was done in the past- line up a Sponsor and pony up money for any horse who enters all 3 and a larger bonus amount if they manage to win the Triple Crown. Will help the network with sustaining interest(ratings) and might entice a few owners/trainers to actually have a goal of running in all three.

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Bill said...

I think I heard Pletcher say in the week before that he 'appeared' to not have lost weight after the Derby.

You would think they would invest in a scale for a $10 million dollar horse - running poorly in the Preakness surely halved his residual value at stud?