Sunday, August 27, 2006

Week 5-Travers Week

It was a splendid Travers week at the spa-featuring of course the 137th running of the Travers Stakes. A nice crowd of 40,000 plus was there on a day when the sun never came out.

Bernardini ran a awesome race, toying with the 6 horse field. Bluegrass Cat was toyed with by Bernardini as he left Bluegrass Cat and the rest of the field in the dust at the last turn.

He is my choice for 3 year old horse of the year.
Also impressive was Henny Hughes in the King Bishop.
On Friday , Discreet Cat, demolished the field in a 3 yr. old allowance race. Keep on eye on this horse.

Siro's, Broadway and Caroline Street were rocking at night, as they should be.
Already starting to count down till next years travers.

Week 4 complete

Beautiful weather and large crowds at the Spa for week 4, the week before travers.
Pine Island a beautiful huge filly wins the Pine Island.

Will rest for Travers week.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Week 3 complete

What a difference a week makes. The weahter changed and the crowds came out also, including a spinner crowd of $70,000 plus on Sunday. Very nice tribute to the great Jerry Bailey on Sunday.
Was lucky enough to be there Friday through Sunday and see some great racing. Hit the grand slam on Saturday and actually had the first place horse in all 4 races. However it paid only $162.50 oppossed to $961 I had bet the pick 4 and hit on the 4 horses. Dont really like the grand slam as he get know reward for hitting a win or place bet over the show in the 1st 3 races. The grand slam is to me, designed to entice the novice better.
I hit the trifecta in the 2nd for a $123.05 payoff and had a nice weekend. And of course the nice weather brought out some great people watching. The meet is half over with week 4 bringing more races including the Alabama. See ya at the track.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Week 2 complete

What a week- We saw the first ever meet day cancelled because of excessive heat and ended the week with an impressive Grade 1 win by Invasor. This horse is the potential Horse of the Year if he can win 2 more including a Breeder's Cup Win.
The weekend weather was beautiful and the crowds were a plenty both Saturday and Sunday. I know Sunday was a spinner day but nonetheless the crowds were out.

There have been a quite a few articles bemoaning the drop in attendance for week one of the meet. The articles are nonsensical too me as they do not make mention of what I suspect is an overall drop in summer 2006 tourism and entertainment attendance due to the high cost of gas and the miserable heat this summer. I would even guess when compared to Lake George attendence and other close tourist venues that the "drop" is less than those spots. All I know is that the track seems crowed when I am there and the restaurants and bars are packed in the evening.

Now that the weather seems to have turned for the better watch for an increase in attendance.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

No Racing Today

For the 1st time in modern racing history at Saratoga a day at the races has been cancelled because of the heat. Economically this is a blow to the meet. Between attendance, money spent on track, bet on track as well as off track handle the $$$ add up. Some of the races will be added to Friday and Sunday's cards but NYRA cannot possibly make up all they would have made today.

Interestingly there have been articles running in the news stating attendence is down 14% as is overall money bet on track. NYRA has blamed increased cost of gasoline for the decline. Big factor, but what about the weather. Of the first 6 days, it rained at least in part on 4 of the 6 days and it has been oppressively hot on all 6 days. I would say Gasoline and the weather are equal factors.
If the weather cools off, attendance will increase, especially for the day trippers who might go up for the day on a weekday.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Day 5 & 6

Sunday, Day 5 the spinners were out. People claim to be reselling for $15-$30 dollars. Hard to believe as you can buy the hat retail for about 5 bucks.
Spun Sugar, another Pletcher horse was the stakes winner of the day giving Pletcher another stakes win. If you have not learned yet, keep betting Pletcher horses this meet.
People at the track still talking about Bernardini's win on Saturday.

Day 6, Monday, a day of Upsets with some great payoffs for those that had the right underdogs.
Still at -$48.20 for the meet.

Will be resting on dark day to get ready for Wednesday, Day 7