Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Franchise Follies

Well it is now 2008 and the Franchise Follies continues. NYRA getting the franchise appears to be the resolution but of course our Governor, Bruno and Silver will drag it out as long as possible. We are now on the second extension for NYRA, now bleeding into February, with no permanent agreement. It all seems so silly, expecially when this could have all been ironed out last year.

In the meantime, NYRA can't sell any seating tickets for the upcoming summer season. Once this gets settled expect some screw ups when you send in your seating application to NYRA. Do you expect customer service to be any different when they have even less time this year to distribute the tickets. It should be a mess.

Meanwhile we await the upcoming season with some good Derby preps coming up. Look for War Pass, Court Vision and Pyro on the Derby prep trails