Monday, March 31, 2008

NYRA & Derby Prep Season 2008

Well, what has happenned since my last post?. Well the NYRA franchise issue got settled, after being dragged out way too long. The rush is now on for NYRA to gather ticket requests for Saratoga and get out those tickets. I sent in a request for tickets to every day of the meet-which they deem to be Category 1. However they sent a letter back to me, acknowledging my request, stating I am in Category 2. Why not Category 1, because this is NYRA. How well, at least Spitzer is gone and the State can move on.

We now look forward to the Derby on the First Saturday in May.
Right now, (yes it could change) I like : Big Brown, War Pass, Pyro, Georgie Boy.

We will update as the Derby season progesses.