Thursday, January 10, 2013

A piece of history at the Adelphi Hotel

We arrived at 9:00 am on Broadway in Saratoga and already there was a line extending outside the Adelphi Hotel, dozens and dozens of house lined up on the sidewalk. Luckily the temperatures were relatively mild, in the 30's with some sun peeking out. We waited patiently, hoping that when our turn came to enter into the Adelphi Hotel, there would still be some goodies for us to snag.

The new owners of the Adelphi Hotel had an estate sale, selling off about 30% of  its furniture and decorations before they begin the wholesale renovation of the hotel. The good news is that 70% of the furniture and decorations will be put back where they were once the renovations are completed. And even better news, the Adelphi will be open year round. No longer just a place to get an drink or slice of great pie during the summer Track season but a place to frequent all year round. Plans are to open this spring and than stay open year round.

Some of the best days of my life have consisted of going to the track, followed by a great dinner and than a stop into the Adelphi for an after dinner drink in the back garden.

I don't really need any furniture, my basement already packed with items I don't have a place for, but I was drawn to the sale, like the hundreds others who showed up this first day of the 4 day estate sale.

We waited patiently and upon entering were pleased to see it the items laid out in simple "tag sale" style with a simple price tag on the item. The more ornate dressers and table were already gone but we were not dismayed for we did not have to have any particular item, just something to remind of us the old great hotel on Broadway built in 1877.

We quickly decided on to grab one of the side chairs offered for $10. A simple timeless, classic wood chair, maybe 100 years old, and just perfect.

See you this summer at the Adelphi.