Monday, April 30, 2012

The Latest NYRA Mess

Well, I guess this NYRA mess makes for more interesting reading than the over analysis of who is going to win the Kentucky Derby, especially the whole involvement of Daily Racing Form publisher Steven Crist. I went back and read some of the reporting on the issue when the NYRA takeout story broke in December of 2011. I found this nugget from the ever astute Alan Mann over at his Left at the Gate blog in his 12/22/11 post. Mann, writing about Steven Crist not noticing the takeout withholding mistake, said this:
"If he missed it, then I suppose anyone could have. Still, the whole thing is really kinda weird."
Yep, weird it is. Looks to me like Crist has some explaining to do.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Searching for the Oaks

I tried looking on the NBC Sports Network website to see if they would be covering the Kentucky Oaks. The website had plenty of Hockey news on the front page, and with they NBC covering the NHL, that makes sense. But I figured there would be a banner ad or something on the homepage which would link to the Kentucky Derby week coverage. After all it is only a week away. No such luck. There is a TV listings link which takes you to a page with the weeks TV listings for the NBC Channels. You can than hit another link to finally get to the page listing by specific day. I learned the coverage on Oaks day goes from 5-6 pm. I guess that means we just get the Oaks race and maybe one race before that. I don't know for sure as the website gives no further information. I am sure I could find out by checking out other sites or contacting the Churchill Downs Media office, but how many people, especially the casual fans, want to go through all those steps?